should have stayed in texas

Posted on March 20, 2007. Filed under: Austin, Boston, Global Warming, Michael Durwin, Microsoft, Obama, Second Life, Starbucks, SXSW, texas, User Generated Content, vlog, Web3.d, Wi-Fi |

Snow in Boston

What a welcome back Boston had for me. Not 3 days back from SXSW in Austin, TX and we get spanked with 4 inches of snow. Granted it’s not much as far as New England standards go but between the change in weather patterns from global warming and sweating for 4 days in Austin, it was a shock to my system. Luckily the Benz handled ok. It is rear-wheel drive and all, with summer tires to boot, but it got me where I needed to be.
With SXSW fading in my memory, I’ve been working hard to bring the new scripture of UGC, vlog, web3.d to the masses. It’s a hard sell. Most companies don’t want to touch anything without a proven track record, never realizing that once a tactic’s track recprd is proven, the market is flooded rendering the tactic useless. Of course they claim to want something edgy and viral, as long as it’s been around for a few years and Microsoft or Apple has used it! “I know, let’s give away free WI-FI!” It works so well for Starbucks right? I think they’re are even beginning to realize that, while it’s too late to take back, the press and attention it got them isn’t worth having a caffiene squater taking up a table for 4 hours in exchange for $3 drink.
In other news, I’ve got a great new Obama ’08 t-shirt on my Second Life avatar. Look me up sometime:
Rize Yongho.

See ya,
Michael Durwin


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