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Posted on March 23, 2007. Filed under: Apple, Barak Obama, Blue State Digital, Freedom of Speech, Hillary Clinton, Phil de Vellis, U.S. Constitution |

I was sad to see that someone recently lost their job because they expressed themselves. Phil de Vellis, formerly of Blue State Digital, a political interactive consultancy company, was outed as the creator of the Apple/Hillary – Big Brother video that created such as stir on YouTube. de Vellis “resigned” his job with the company who does work for the Obama campaign, but I’m pretty sure he was given the choice to resign or be fired. This is a man who, on his own time with his own equipment, posted a video of his own conception to express his support for the Obama campaign. Because his company is affiliated with Obama’s campaign he was forced to resign. It’s not like Apple was suing for use of their video!

The Internet allows people all over the world to enjoy the freedom of expression that we take for granted but are Constitutionally guaranteed in the U.S. Unfortunately no one had the guts to say that while they were not affiliated with the ad that they not only support de Vellis’ right to express him self which is guaranteed by law, but that they applaud him for taking the initiative to take a stand for his candidate.

This is user generated content and it’s also Freedom of Speech. If you’re not used to it after 220 years you better get used to it soon.

I’m quite disturbed to see how a U.S. citizen exercizing their right to Freedom of Speech in their personal life is treated by a political candidate. John Edwards recently let go 2 bloggers working for him because he didn’t agree with what they had to say in their off time. So I guess John Edwards doesn’t believe in honesty, Freedom of Speech and allowing his employees to have a personal life.

I hope Obama feels differently.


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