My First iBlog

Posted on June 30, 2007. Filed under: Apple, blog, Browser incompatibility, iBlog, iPhone, Safari, WordPress |

I’m happy to report that the Apple iPhone is currently living up to it’s promise in my hot little hands. I’m only typing a little slower than usual because I’m only using on hand.
This phone is unbeatable. But it’s 2:45am so you’ll have to wait until morning.
p.s. WordPress needs to fix the image upload feature for Safari. It doesn’t work. Otherwise I’d be able to add a picture to this iblog to show more functionality. Fortunately this is a WordPress issue, not an iPhone issue!


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2 Responses to “My First iBlog”

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Not sure whether the photo-upload is a wordpress issue.. Looks like the iphone doesn’t support Java. Who knows what other standard browsing features are missing, that prevent viewing common websites.

Maybe look&feel is NOT everything u should care about in a mobile. 😉

Actually look and feel were not everything I cared about in a mobile. Access to my email, ability to browse the web, interact with the many social sites I’m on, check my stocks, take photos, play, music, watch a movie, coordinate my contacts, schedule, etc. were all important.
iPhone does support Java. However Safari has always had issues with WordPress. As someone who has been doing interactive work for over a dozen years, the responsibility to make sure that a site works on mutiple browsers is on the designers and developers, not the technology. I’ve had to deal with this since before the Netscape Navigator vs Microsoft Internet Explorer. My experience goes back to CompuServe, Prodigy, AOL, etc.
Safari may have had a small share of the user market prior to June 29th, but all that changed at 6pm. Just this last weekend Safari has added a half million new users by way of the iPhone. Apple is anticipating 8 million by Q1 08 which I dare say they’ll get. That measnt eh current 1.5% share that Safari now has will increase from 3.5 million users to 11.5 million users.

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