Live Earth Not Live on iPhone

Posted on July 7, 2007. Filed under: advertising, Apple, Duran Duran, Flash, Geri Halliwell, iPhone, Live Earth, Microsoft, President Al Gore, Quicktime, YouTube |

Once again my mind is boggled by Apple’s failure to include Flash on the iPhone. I’ll be out and about all day and was hoping to catch some of the Live Earth music festival today. No luck. Whether it’s the sponsors’ (which include Microsoft) fault for using Flash for so many of the more important navigational elements without a non-Flash alternative or iPhone’s failure to include a 10 year old plugin is enough cause for debate. What I’m most shocked by now is that once I was able to navigate to a non-Flash, non-Internet Explorer page that actually broadcast the show, I checked to make sure it wasn’t Flash. To my surprise it was not. It was good old streaming Quicktime. An odd choice for a show sponsored by Microsoft. I guess they know their target audience. So, I copied the address to put on the iPhone. After all, there has been much talk about YouTube re-encoding their videos into the H.264 compression format for Quicktime. I can see those videos on my iPhone so it should be a cinch to watch these videos right? Oh, Snap! I get a broken plugin icon. What the hell?! So the Apple iPhone that is supposed to give you the real Internet, not a watered down version of the Internet, from the company that created Quicktime, can’t play a Quicktime video in their own browser?!
This could have been a great publicity tool for Apple. Imagine allowing folks all over the country to take Live Earth with them wherever they go.
“I’ve got a better idea. Let’s not.” they must have said.
I’m not happy. While it seems like Apple put alot of thought into this phone, it’s almost as if a fw dcisions were made by interns while evryone else was on a lunch break.
Shame on Apple for not being able to support even their own products!
They could have even worked it out through YouTube. Did they? Of course not. A search for Live Earth on the built in YouTube widget (since doesn’t work due to a, you guessed it, lack of Flsh plugin) reveals ovr a dozen videos, none of which have anything to do with Live Earth except for a promo from President Gore.
By the way, as I write this, I’m in front of my Apple G5 watching the ever beautiful Geri Halliwell introduce Duran Duran, who sounds amazing.


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