No Flash on iPhone? Is this a watered down version of the Internet?

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Well, we all know by now that Flash is indeed not included on the iPhone. What’s funny is the claim the “this is not a watered down version of the Internet”:

Now, knowing that Flash has been an important part of Internet communications for 10 years, you’d think, since it is built into Apple’s Safari browser already, it would be included in the iPhone. What’s more, considering that YouTube videos are served using Flash, and there is even an entire commercial touting YouTube on the iPhone, there would be even more reason to include Flash as part of the iPhone’s operating package.

Instead Apple is making YouTube re-encode all of their videos using Apple’s H.264 Quicktime codec to show videos on the iPhone. Granted, that compression codec is gorgeous. But, that means that only a limited amount of YouTube videos are available on the iPhone. You can’t just go to to see them.


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One Response to “No Flash on iPhone? Is this a watered down version of the Internet?”

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I wish the Safari browser on the iPhone supported everything the desktop Safari supports. But there are countless mpegs, AVIs, and even QT movies on the web that the iPhone can not download or play. In fact the videos that an iPhone can play are the small minority of the teeming videos on line.

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