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<b>I</b> certainly don’t want to turn the Durwin Report into a personal or political blog but an interesting thing has happened in social media that relates to the current race for President that I thought would relate to the Durwin Report.

<b>M</b>any may remember the I’ve Got Crush On Obama girl. She created a video for a song she wrote about her crush on Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama. It was a big hit and got tons of press.

<b>F</b>ollowing the New Hampshire Primary Election, Senator Obama gave what one would have thought would be a concession speech, but instead became somewhat of a rallying cry. Musician/producer of Black Eyed Peas fame was so inspired by the speech that he got a copy of the video, edited it, added background music and put the call out for celebrities to help sing/perform the song “Yes We Can”.

<b>A</b>mber Valletta, Ed Kowalczyk (Live), Eric Balfour, Common, John Legend, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Kelly Hu, Maya Rubin, Scarlett Johanson, Herbie Hancock and others joined for the song. The song was posted to YouTube and other video sites on February 2. As of this morning (Feb 8th) it has had 5,335,574 views. Dozens of musicians are recording and posting their own versions and the video has found it’s way onto dozens of other video sites, and several news casts. The video on the original site (<a href=””></a&gt;) includes not only credits but embed code allowing users to put it on their Facebook, MySpace and other social network sites. The video is showing as the first piece of media you see on the Barack Obama website (<a href=””></a&gt;). The video has inspired supporters to begin a Yes We Can video chain of people from all walks of life posting videos to YouTube with the simple message “Yes We Can”.

<b>W</b>hat’s most interesting about this is not just how many views the video got, but how it has inspired so many people to post their own versions of the song or their own copy of the video file. It is being sent around in email, from cell phones, being carried around on iPods and passed out on CD. One comment on YouTube from someone in London, suggested that this song might make it to the pop charts or MTV’s TRL with NO major label distribution. Even with the popularity of consumer generated media and web video, it still is shocking to see both the political ad process and the music industry trumped by one musician inspired by one speech. Is it the power of the Internet, the power of the people or the power of Obama? We won’t likely know until November. What we do know is that more than ever, media is in the hands of the people. <b>I</b>f you’d like to see the video or hear the song you can go <a href=””>here</a&gt; to download various file formats. The song is easy to find on YouTube or you can visit the original site, listed above.</p>


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