Facebook changes my password without permission

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I received the most annoying email today from Facebook. At first I thought it was some shady company just trying to steal my login info but when I tried to log into Facebook I found out it was legit:

Hey Michael,

We have reset your Facebook account password for security reasons. You will need to use the link provided in this email to create a new, secure password for your account. Do not use your old password. In the future, please make sure that when you log in to Facebook, you always log in from a legitimate Facebook page with the facebook.com domain. To reset your password, follow the link below:
[Link was here]
(If clicking on the link doesn’t work, try copying and pasting it into your browser.)

Please contact info@facebook.com with any questions.

The Facebook Team

Why on Earth would they do that? Out of nowhere. I’ve been using Facebook for awhile, it’s not like I just signed up and they didn’t like my password. I have a sneaking suspicion as to why.

I’ve recently been using HELLOtxt. It is a microblog system that allows me to type once, publish many. It allowed me to edit my Twitter, MySpace and Facebook status by typing one message and hitting submit. I just put up another message and both MySpace and Facebook failed.

I’ve reset my Facebook password and reset it for HELLOtxt as well. We’ll see how it works.


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One Response to “Facebook changes my password without permission”

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I had kind of the same experience, however i dont use 3rd party software to alter my FB profile contents, settings or features.

Nevertheless i was logged into fb last time around 0900pm local time.

Around 0400am i woke up and couldnt sleep, so i went to fb to pass time.

When i tried to log in, it wouldnt let me it said the password and email was wrong, even though the email was in the field from my last login, i retyped it 3 times and it still failed to log me in.

Im not having my password stored in cookies or windows itself, i always type in my password manually, so if someone shdve snatched it, i dunno how they got it.

To make sure i wasnt infected with a virus or something that would sniff my password, i logged in to my paypal account, different pw from the one i use on fb, but i figure if someone got access to one of my passwords, they would be able to get any pw i use and paypal might be the first plac to go if theyre trying to steal money or something?

Does anyone know if fb will just reset your password out of nowhere?

Or have anyone else besides the author of this thread experienced something similar?

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