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Chat with AIM spammer

With every new communication technology, or at least it’s adaption, it brings with it advertising, either legitimate or illegitimate. Yes, we’re talking spam.

I’ve been able to keep Twitter spam to a minimum simply by way of it’s structure. If someone Follows me that looks shady, I don’t follow back, so they can’t spam me.

For years my email has been great at spam blocking. At least my Hotmail and Gmail accounts. I can’t say as much for my MediaTemple account.

What I’ve been getting recently is spam through my Instant Messenger. My coworkers and I use iChat to send files, or messages we don’t want to shout out. Like jokes about Steve’s haircut. I’ve received several intrusive chat messages from people I don’t know.”unanimoustrout” was the first, followed by “ripplingcoho”. I’m now in the midst of a discussion with “WantedCoho”, who claims his name is Will, he’s my best friend, and he loves me. He also claims his email is ““. I have no idea who this person is, but what follows is the content of my chat window as we speak:

Ever noticed how every squirrel looks and acts just like every other squirrel? Do you really trust them? They’re like some kind of hive mind.
what is your email address?
what’s your name?
and urs!??!
you sent me an IM, you don’t know me?

you’re my best friend!
no. my best friend doesn’t use AIM.
will what?
what’s your full name?
who are you?
what do you want?
where do you live?
when did you become my best friend?
why are you IMing me?
how did you get my email?
becuase i love you
Me:who are you?
your best friend
who are you?
you sent me a note first. Who are you? Besides being Will and my best friend.
i love you
becuase you’re hawt
I’ve posted your email and the contents of this exchange on Twitter and my blog.
link me i wanna see

I’m sure this is some attempt to hack into my machine by keeping a chat window open. Since there is nothing I care about on my machine (everything is backed up hourly to our server), and it’s a Mac, I’m not too worried about it. But it is a little weird and annoying.

New Information:
I found some info on Wikipedia and another blog:



To opt out, type in the following:


Follow the instructions and type in:



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nice..i’m agree with tak…very interesting stuff.

[…] all very mysterious but at the same time incredibly annoying. A few seconds of googling led me to this page, with instructions of how to stop the nonsense and a Wikipedia link that finally shone some light […]

this just happened to me to .. i dont know what it is.. they where calling me a n*gga the random sn didnt shock me because i make music and my sn is everywhere but then i got a lil curious so i did some research and im glad i found this..

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