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Rocketboom may charge for shows?

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I heard Andrew Baron of Rocketboom speak at SXSW a few weeks back. He was discussing charging subscriptions for Rocketboom viewers. I just saw an article in which he discussed that option more in detail. Although Rocketboom gets 200,000 downloads per day advertisers aren’t prepared to put advertising dollars into reaching such a small audience and would rather putting it towards messaging that will reach millions. I certainly understand Andrew’s quandry, after all, he needs to put gas in his car right?

What is becomming obvious is that advertisers don’t get the new model yet. They are still convinced that creating generic messaging that speaks to a wide range of consumers and desemminating that messaging to millions in one hit. That model is losing relevance every day. Consumers want to be targeted n an individual basis, or whatever comes close. What Rocketboom has going for it is that it’s viewers are a fairly tight target audience. The advantage advertisers would have is while they are speaking to a smaller crowd, that crowd is more specific than what they’d get with a tv spot. Visitors to Rocketboom also consider themselves to be members of an elite group that view Rocketboom content. Any advertising aimed at them will surely feel personal. If done right. By really understanding Rocketboom’s crowd, an advertiser has the ability to talk directly to a niche group on their level, in their language.

It makes me think of the sci fi commercials that Gillette put out on Sci Fi Channel years ago. Those commercials spoke to a niche audience in their language (Nanu, Nanu). While it may not have given Gillette the bang for their buck that they expected, the demographic has changed.

Consumers are sick of advertising clogging up their lives. They only want relevant advertising, for products or services that might interest them and they want advertisers to speak to them personally. This puts Rocketboom in the unique position of having a distinct audience that can be targeted with laser sharp messaging.

Andrew sat behind me on the flight back to Newark from SXSW. I wanted to tell him my thoughts on his conundrum… but I figured he’d rather read it in a blog.

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no movement in newark

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pictureStuck in newark, nj. I’ve been thinking of nothing else but virtual words, video blogging, personalization… I met alot of great people with alot of great ideas. Not too many seemed to talk among themselves though. Noone at Linden Labs or Google have talked apparently. I told them both that Google needs to prepare to make searchable not only links to Second Life but to other virtual or synthetic worlds. They should allow you to upload Second Life URLs in reference to companies. I can see the Google search bar now SEARCH: Web | Images | Video | News | SWURL
Get it? SWURL: Synthetic World Universal Resource Locator. It’s 8:07 pm in Newark. I came up with it first!
I also started a new company. SyntheStaff – Virtual Staffing For Your Virtual Strategy. Like a cross between a call center and store clerk for Second Life. What do you think?
Well this is my first WordPress blog, since I never have time to visit my blog on MySpace. I’m a little burned out. I’m just coming back from SXSW and I arrived on Friday. I’ve been to at least half of the parties there, and if you think that’s not much, I’ve had about 8 hours sleep in 5 days!
My last night was fun. I got to see at least one movie though I wanted to see more. I caught the screening of Knocked Up. I haven’t laughed so hard at a movie in a really long time. Great cast, great dialogue, fun story. I highly recommend it as not just a date movie but as a bring-your-better-half-along-on-a-double-date-with-your-college-buddy-and-his-date movie. My coworker Amy and I went to the after party with some of the cast (Paul Rudd, et al and director). We met up with Cory and Marc, two other directors with great projects (Marc’s The Toll is amazing, I hope it wins!). I met up with the guys from Doctor Doctor and their friends Kelly, Tawnie and their indian friend whose name I can’t spell. We were met by one of the stars of Confessions of a Superhero, Superman himself! The Hulk couldn’t make it. I missed it but apparently some members of Creem checked into out hotel that night. AMy saw them but didn’t know who they were.
Other great parties were the Suicide Girls and Robert Rodriguez ones. Bobby can jam!!!
I also caught What Made Milwaukee Famous at the Knocked Up party. I grabbed their CD, they are amazing!
Did I mention I’m burned out? Here’s a picture to prove it.

See ya,
Michael Durwin

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Hello world!

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Boingo Wireless at Newark Airport is fast but it sucks when your machine powers down suddenly and you didn’t write down your password. Of course I can’t check it because I signed up using my Hotmail account… Aaargh another 45 minutes until our flight leaves!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can’t wait to get home to Amanda, Isaac and Lamonte.

See ya,
Michael Durwin

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